Young and Artsy

So excited to tell you who we are and share our journey with you. Time flies when you are having fun and let me just say “What an amazing experience it has been to open Young & Company, the store with my daughter Carson Young” who is quite Artsy and beautiful inside and out! Read more about her store on the Young and Company Store page.

Thank you to so many people who have supported this dream of a store in our lovely Town of Brookville Florida. A special shout out to my husband Tom who tirelessly worked at night and in the dark, LOL to support the dream. Taking our journey online is where we will post what’s really happening in our world online, in the store, and developing our brand.  Stay tuned for info on how I left my career and decided to live a life investing in myself! Dream Big!


What’s UP?

6 Month Update Young & Co.

The Down Low…

Being artsy isn’t easy! We provide ideas, gifts, and unique wares needed to express your Artsy Self. While supporting  local artists and handmade crafters we help others create a beautiful life. We are unique and so are you, so email us if you have any questions or fresh ideas.

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