10 Perks of Being a Boss Babe

Coming up with ONLY “10 Perks of Being a Boss Babe” was hard, I am not gonna lie…but I am sure you will get the gist. Lets  jump right into the list and see if these ring true for those of you in business for yourselves or lucky enough to be retired.

PERK #1. Start the day when you feel like it!

Starting the day when you feel like it, is both a blessing and a curse! After working for many years with a scheduled time to be at the office, it is crazy, and still, totally weird to not have a specific time to get up and get moving. However, after several months of resting, the holiday months that followed my last day, and our business opening in January, I found the balance! What I mean is, yes! I can sleep in because I stayed up late working on my website or social media accounts building our business. Yes, I can enjoy another cup of coffee on my bed with my favorite American Bulldog, Luna! Yes! It’s pretty awesome to feel that freedom because you are the Boss! Status: Queen:)

PERK #2. Not having to answer to anyone but yourself

Let’s just say that this is one of the best perks about being your own Boss Babe! For me, working for someone else has not been an issue until about a year ago! Without boring you with the details, I’ll just say, “It wasn’t working out”! When the politics of working in a system or with another person interferes in the magic you can achieve, it’s time to move on! Making decisions on my own has not been a hard adjustment, rather freeing actually! I have always owned my work and answering to it has never been a problem. Invest in yourself!

PERK #3. No Dress Code

Fashion has always been an interest of mine as I said in my earlier blog The Arts and I. Following fashion trends is a passion of mine and I find great joy in creating my own look based on trends mixed with my personal favorites. The best perk to me is being free to express that daily in our store Young & Company. Cowboy boots are a real addiction for me and I find happiness in being able to wear them whenever I want in my new life as a Retail Boss. It’s kinda like wearing your weekend clothes all the time. I am thoroughly enjoying this perk!

PERK #4. Making your own rules

Carson and I decide how we will operate and what systems we want to put in place. We tweek when we choose to and adjust based on what works for us and our customers. Simple and easy, with absolutely no drama… except when we can’t agree…lol!









PERK# 5. More time for Family

Family is everything, and enjoying this experience with my daughter has been priceless! My children have always been a huge priority for me and I can honestly say “I have been able to enjoy my adult children in a totally different way than ever before when I was doing the 8-5+ hours in my previous life”. I cherish my lunches with them individually, and our dinners together as a family. If you know me, you have heard me say ” if I could make a living riding around with my husband, I surely would”. Our time together over the past year has been nothing short of fun, exciting, full of love, and a true blessing.

That my friends, is what is important in life!


PERK #6. Good Vibes Only

Choosing to have a positive life is a choice that we all have! A life without negative people and Ideas that go against what you believe. I am certain, years of my life have been lost to stress and frustration on things and people not worth my energy! Good vibes only means leaving behind the bad vibes and focusing on the amazing gifts in my life! Trying really hard, not to go there when negative energy creeps back in and tries to pull me back to that place! Life is short, but, oh so beautiful! I plan on enjoying it way more…maybe even earn time back for good behaviorgiggling to self!








PERK#7. Creating your Own Magic

My creativity has returned to me after several years in hiding! Daily, I find that I have a million ideas and more coming flying through my mind than I have time to do! Creating magic for me involves designing and creating items for the store, encouraging artists, and sharing our story. We all have the ability to create our own magic, believing in yourself is usually the hurdle! Believing in the magic of you, means that when others doubt you and what you do, you go around them or through them to continue on your path. Time to think through this process without distraction is truly enlightening.

Create it, Live it, and Be it.

PERK #8. Time for Me

About two years ago, Tom and I started working out together in hopes of getting in better shape. That time spent together, has kept us on track and consistent with our goals. Going in different directions in the past made our level of commitment weak at times. I am not saying that we are religious about working out everyday! We are consistent with going to the gym at least 5 times a week and boy do we feel better for it! We are focusing on better food choices and doing our best to be really good about eating. Being your own boss gives you the opportunity to create a schedule that allows for the time needed to eat right and exercise. Time for me= a better quality of life!

PERK #9. Networking Fun

The amount of amazing people out here making it happen with small businesses is such an inspiration. I have thoroughly enjoyed the conferences and Facebook groups that share incredible information and inspire others daily. The opportunities are endless and the learning is beyond limits. I remember my friend Maria Rybka saying to me “there’s a whole world out here, waiting for you Jamie”! I remember the first conference Maria and I went to after I broke free, Ray Higdon’s Branding and Marketing, inspirational is an understatement! Amazing people with incredible stories of success and growth! The opportunities to do something different are endless! Thanks Maria for being there for me and being one of my biggest supporters.

PERK #10. No Limits

Thank God for no limits and the power to be who I am! I believe that things happen the way they are supposed too! No doubt in my mind that I ended up as a blogger, maker, and boss of my own business for a reason. I’m gonna run with it too!

P.S. Boss Babe is a term that is used by my friend, Herbalife supporter, and Cardio drumming instructor, Crissi Brandhuber🙂 That girl is the definition of a BOSS BABE!

-Always Artsy

Jamie Young


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5 thoughts on “10 Perks of Being a Boss Babe


  2. OMG you are the best Boss Babe! You captured all these wonderful perks so well! Thanks for being an inspiration to others!

  3. I would add an addendum to #2…live guilt-free. Own your decisions, and have no regrets! J- You are def a boss Babe! You were even MY boss babe, so I can say that with absolute certainty! You continue to guide, inspire and teach those around you! 💜

  4. Great inspirational steps. I live vicariously through you Jamie. Somehow out of the three of us you were blessed with the creativity gene. You are extremely fortunate to have an amazing husband who supports your every move. i Love you sissy.

  5. Wonderful Blog – I believe it was difficult coming up with 10 perks. But all of them are right on.

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