Bathroom Bliss-Our Remodel

The time has come to renovate the bathroom in Cabin La Luna…thank goodness! There have been minor projects during this transition to cabin living …A.K.A. simple life! The bathroom project has been kinda put on the back burner because it requires us to cut the floor out, update pipes, and install all new flooring. No easy undertaking, especially when you only have one bathroom. Need I say more?

With all that said, check out these ideas for Bathroom Bliss on my Pinterest Page! I love  Pinterest because it’s a quick and easy way to store ideas so you can find them! My husband on the other hand, looks at this as a project page that never ends…Teehee! He is a good sport, so I will keep him around! Hola!


This is similar to the vibe I am trying to create in our cabin bathroom. However, ours will be a bit more rustic with a few green accents. Photo courtesy of Jillian Harris.


Materials and Things

I plan to use an old school octagon tile from Lowe’s with a brown grout to tie in with my wood floors.

I prefer an old style sink because it goes with the era of the house, and will fit in a small corner of the bathroom.

 Clawfoot tubs are a bit of a challenge to find at a reasonable price and in decent shape. I found this one for $200.00 dollars, and it’s still sitting in the same spot that we placed it in the day we bought it! Pilled inside, are items we have collected over the years that will go in the bathroom. Did I say years? The barn door we made a few years ago and we love them. When finished, you will be able to walk into the bathroom from the bedroom. Yay!


The base of the tub will be painted the same green color as my kitchen cabinets. I will be painting the feet an antique oil bronze to go with the hardware for the sink and tub.

This is the color palette I am looking for with mostly white, a bit of the brown, and subtle green accents.

Above the tub, this Laura Ingalls Wilder quote, because it’s true, and pretty much sums up the simple life. This is handmade and can be purchased on Etsy from Betty + Marie Designs

I will let ya know when the floors are ripped up on my Instagram feed @fortheartsytype. Head on over there and add me, if ya haven’t already! You will probably hear me screaming with joy when its done, but if you are hard of hearing, this might be a good way to stay up on the project! Happy Weekend to ya!

-Always Artsy

Jamie Young








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12 thoughts on “Bathroom Bliss-Our Remodel

  1. I love the bathroom. With your creativity the bathroom will be a palace.

    1. Thank you, I am so excited:)

  2. Make sure you share before and after pictures!

    1. I sure will:) Tom’s comment…lol

  3. PRESSURE IS ON !!!!!!!!

    1. Yes it is my sweet:) xoxo

  4. This bathroom looks perfect for your cabin. It is gorgeous.

    1. I think it will be very special too Janet:)

  5. I am astounded by your remodel! It looks so amazing. You have true talent.

    1. These are inspiration photos for our upcoming remodel:) I will post before and after photos when we are finished. Thanks for following along!

  6. Wow, that bathroom is going to look amazing!!! love the vibe and the colours! x

    1. Thank you I am so excited about getting started:)

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