Carson Young, the face of Young & Co. Photography

Not a day goes by that people don’t say, “your daughter Carson, looks just like you!” I know she gets tired of hearing it but always smiles, confirms with a look, and a nod of the head. There’s no doubt that my girl, resembles a younger version of me. Like me, Carson finds happiness in creating things and sharing it with others. Hard to believe,  she will 20 years old in October, and found her passion as an artist, photographer, and shop owner. My husband and I, are extremely proud of her and the happiness she brings others through her work. All those years of traveling to festivals, art shows, museums, and encouraging her creativity, paid off! Although she has lived in Brooksville most of her life, her work has travelled all over the US through her collection of canvas art pieces and photographs.

Today, I wanted to share that we have created a page on our website for you to see her work, rates, and schedule Carson for events such as; senior pictures, holiday photos, engagement announcements, weddings, gender reveal, and product photos.

Carson Young is the face of, Young & Co. Photography! 

Carson Young, Photographer

This was taken at Saxon Manor, for the Pastore-Whelan Wedding.

If you are planning a wedding at Saxon Manor, ask for Young & Co. Photography’s portfolio for more wedding photos.

Country Singer Brooks Timmons

Check out the album cover and promotional photos taken by Carson.

Unique senior pictures can be taken at a location of your choice or Carson can make a recommendation.

Document those special moments by having your special event photographed through a unique set of eyes.

Take a look at Young & Co. Photography page on our website

and follow our Instagram page @youngandcophotography.

Mention this blog for a 15% discount on your session or event.

Access rates and availability by scrolling down the Young & Co. Photography page and clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. Take a look, it’s worth it!

-Always Artsy

Jamie Young


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12 thoughts on “Carson Young, the face of Young & Co. Photography

  1. talented beyond words …

    1. T❤️J

    2. Wow! Just WOW!

      1. I know Megan, When I was going through her picks…I said the same exact thing.. WoW!

  2. Love what Carson is doing…special mommy and special daughter ❤️

    1. Thank you Maria for always being so supportive of us and our journey. Xoxo

  3. A wonderful gift Carson had. Beautiful pictures.

    1. Thanks Janet:) I am getting a little better with pictures every blog…I think:}

  4. I believe Carson has a beautiful heart with amazing talent much like her mother Jamie who is my baby sister. I visited Young and Company a week ago and i am so proud of the wonderful career your building for yourself. You are beautiful inside and out and i love you very much. Reach for the stars as your nanny would say!

    1. Thank you for commenting Kendra:) I love you and we are “having a ball” as Mom would say:)

  5. Carson’s photography is AMAZING!!!! 😍

    1. I am always amazed to see what she comes up with Larke. Great things to come…

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