Cut it Out! DIY Cut out t-shirt

Cut it Out, that T-shirt is so Cool! At Young & Co. we look far and wide for cool t-shirt for our loyal customers! When we find fun shirts like this Grateful Dead t-shirt, we put them on the rack as is, or we add a little something special to them. Create a cut out t-shirt by following these easy steps and add a little bleach process to make it one of a kind. This green t-shirt called my name because it goes with my boots from Free People.

Make it your own, and cut it out!

1.Pick the perfect T

 2. Cut out the neck

   3. Cut arms if you like

3a. Cut lines in the back of the t-shirt, be sure not to cut the shirt front.

     4. Knot the top strap and leave a loop

5. Loop under over

6. Cut and tie

Done? Not yet, here’s a little extra added for affect!

Bleach spots on the green turned blue! Cool right?


Customize your own shirt or stop into Young and Co. to find a unique t-shirt already distressed, cut, or tie dyed!


-Always Artsy



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4 thoughts on “Cut it Out! DIY Cut out t-shirt


    1. We try that’s for sure:)

  2. Love it! what a fun way to change up a shirt that you have lying around!

    1. I agree Dana:) Brings an old tshirt back to life.

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