Fab Find Friday… in the Burg

St. Petersburg Florida, my old stomping grounds, and home to an amazing arts community. Spending the day with my girlfriends  in the Sunshine City, was such a total blast! I mean an 8a.m. to 8p.m. kinda day. Great eats, amazing shopping, and creative people is what I crave these days. Our first stop, Brocante Vintage Market which by itself is worth the drive. A little over an hour from Hernando County, St. Petersburg is a great place to go back to for me, but Brooksville is my home now and I wouldn’t change that!

Brocante means “vintage market” or “secondhand goods” which really stands for, Jamie’s kind of place!I took this trip with three great girls Annie Bristol, A.K.A artist extraordinaire, Peggie Bell, A.K.A restauranteur, and my new friend Cheri Carlson, A.K.A shopping diva! My kinda girls, let me tell ya!

Open the first Saturday and Sunday of each month, Brocante is quite the experience! Described as 15,000 square feet of vintage bliss in their advertisement! Lets just say, “That is exactly right”! For those who search for the items found in the latest issue of Country Living Magazine, this is the place for you! Get there early because people start grabbing things at 8:30 a.m. when they open up. 

There are vignettes throughout the building, all different, but flowing together seamlessly!

The coolest part of this experience is that the staff will take the items you plan to purchase and place them in a bin for checkout when your ready. That means, less carrying and maneuvering around a ton of people.

Fab find of the day, an Adolfo Hat purchased for $8.00 and completely perfect for this Artsy Gal! The compliments and photo requests all day were overwhelming for me, but Annie loved it! That cute green suitcase is mine, and it holds scarves in the shop.

I know the line looks a little crazy, but it goes quick with all the staffers directing people and grabbing the items from customer bins. The best part of all, they reset and restock Saturday night and it looks completely different on Sunday!

Next Stop, Coffee!

Black Crow Coffee is a family favorite of the Young and Company family. Located off the beaten path but still close to downtown, Black Crow has amazing lattes and vegan donuts.

 Vegan chocolate peanut butter donut, OMG…out of this world!

Great Day of fun with great girls! Make time to do the things you love, with people who bring something to your life!

-Always Artsy

8 thoughts on “Fab Find Friday… in the Burg


    1. Oh Yeah!

  2. Love all of you girls!!

    1. Me too honey:)

  3. Great pictures!!! Keep it up!

    1. You are a really good mentor:)xoxo

  4. Omg the brocante village market looks like heaven! I love going to st. Petersburg and exploring all the culture that sounds me when I enter this magnificent city!!! This is on my list of things to do asap possibly March 3 -4. Thanks for sharing this gem jamie

    1. Patty this is a great day of fun:) I enjoy spending the day or a weekend exploring St. Pete too! Last year We rented a little house through Airbnb and it was so much fun to stay close to downtown.

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