Fab Find Friday- DIY Card Holder

I won’t lie, I love a project more than most! So when I found this old window at an outdoor market, I knew exactly what I was going to do with it! Green of course, this baby had to transform into my holiday card holder and hang above my buffet in the cabin. Oh dear, I thought to myself “Tom is going to notice that I bought a window and I was there to sell my stuff”. My response, “It’s the perfect shade of green and it will match my cabinets”. Besides, I needed to have something to blog about this week! Wink, Wink!! This DIY Holiday Card Holder, is divine and easy for you to recreate! Get your gloves on because this can be a little prickly:)

Old windows are great for so many DIY projects, check out these on Pinterest. This window did not have glass so I decided to add chicken wire. Good news, I had some really old chicken wire I found under the house when we moved into the cabin.

Best Dang Wax in brown, by Dixie Belle Paint  added a little extra patina with the green. I love how it turned out!

Snips and a staple gun will be needed for this project!

Adding the chicken wire is a bit of a chore, be sure to wear protective gloves while stretching the wire.The wire should be tight, so I recommend two people for this part! I was the stretcher and Tom added the staples to hold the wire to the back of the window.

Repping our Young and Company Logo T while making this card holder, of course! Did you know we have them in black now with the logo on the back?

Snipping off the excess wire can be tricky, wearing protective gloves ensure you don’t cut yourself on the wire. After cutting wire, take a minute to twist any sharp wires around itself, so its not sticking out and sharp to touch. Add a hanger of your choice to the back so you can attach it to the wall, or just lean it up on something if that’s the look you are after.


I Hope you enjoyed our Fab Find Friday- DIY Holiday Card Holder. The cool part about this DIY, is you can leave it up all year by adding a floral arrangement or wreath.

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4 thoughts on “Fab Find Friday- DIY Card Holder

  1. she is something else, this girl….

    1. Thank you my sweet:)

  2. Great idea! While I was still teaching my daughter took an old window and lettered it up for me…nice way to reuse! Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Thanks Sandy for sharing your comments and how your daughter reused. Windows certainly have a lot of creative ways you can reuse:)

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