Fab Find Friday- Fall in the Field

Nothing like a day trip to “Fall in the Fields at Renninger’s” with a a few girlfriends that are beyond FUN! Our day started at 7:00 a.m., a bit early for a couple of us…not naming names. The ride from the shop takes about an hour and forty-five minutes, which put us in the second row, “oh, so close” to the entrance. Yippee! That means, not so far to walk to drop off our fab finds!


Renninger’s is located right up the road from Downtown Mount Dora and all the fabulous shops and restaurants.

Tons of people were enjoying this fun event with us, but early birds always get the worm! The early birds also get to pick before the vendors are totally unpacked. We chose to go on Saturday, and lets just say ” lots of fall items and cool antiques”! Sundays at festivals usually yield the best prices because vendors dread packing stuff up again. Good Pickens people!

The biggest and coolest selection of pumpkins on the planet! All the best colors, sizes, and shapes at this pumpkin patch!

It was a stacking kinda day for those shopping for pumpkins. A favorite among those intoΒ farmhouse and country decor.

This chic is the definition of Artsy, and always a hoot to hang out with!

Ann and I go way back, and I admire how talented she is as an artist.

The weird thing about festivals with friends, is you gravitate toward the same things ALOT!

We picked up the same things, over and over again.

Renninger’s has tons of little buildings that are always open on the weekends. This little joint, had amazing stuff inside for those looking for very unique lamps and tables. A little on the pricey side, but worth a visit!

This Boss babe is the owner of Main Street Eatery, and she works harder than anyone I know! After twenty-eight years in business, she can own that title! We didn’t make her carry everything but she did wheel her vintage cart around with all our finds! We love Peggy because she is sweet and kind… plus she drove us grumpy girls not quite awake yet!

These are a few of my fab finds from Fall in the Fields! Can you say that really fast three times? LOL…Β I crack myself up sometimes…giggles! Peggy said ” I think I figured out what you like, anything green, quilts, and pumpkins”!

See Boss babe is smart too! Thanks for a great day Peggy and Ann… xoxo!

-Always Artsy

Jamie Young


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7 thoughts on “Fab Find Friday- Fall in the Field

  1. Looks like a lot of fun!!

    1. Definitely worth a trip Maria:)

  2. Jamie,
    Sounds like you had an awesome adventure and some great finds. Looks like a wonderful place to visit. Where exactly is it?
    Keep on Bloglovin.
    Happy fall!

    1. Charlene if you click on Renningers that is highlighted in the blog, it will give you the specifics about the Mount Dora location:) Thanks for your encouragement:)

  3. What a wonderful place to go and visit for a day!! I did not know anything about Renningers.

    1. Janet you would enjoy a trip to Mt Dora and Renningers. Lots of great stuff:)

  4. One of those places/experiences where you get it or you don’t….. lots to see and do, cool part of Florida…. highly recommended…

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