Fab Find Friday…Industrial Clothing Rack


An organized closet has always been a dream of mine. Color coordinated, with a center island, and filled with all of my favorite things. Cowboy boots, shoes, and handbags on display makes me happy. Sounds silly but we all have our vices…and mine are shoes and bags! Until we build the house we want on our property,  creative storage of clothes, shoes, and accessories is key. Tom & I created an office & closet combo while living in the cabin to accommodate business and all of our stuff…laughing out loud! We will share what that looks like when its complete in the next few weeks. For now, keeping my clothes organized and ready for the week means a rolling rack in my bedroom area. Weekly, I decide what I plan to wear, and put everything together on this industrial clothing rack. This is our Fab Find Friday Industrial Clothing Rack.


This rack was found on Amazon and was the most affordable and well made.

Don’t worry, I will show you how to add the wood to create this exact look.

Jeans and t-shirt’s make up my daily wear these days and it’s nice to have them hung, and ready for the week.

The hooks and hangers were purchase on Amazon too. In a small space, organization is key and design goes along way if you have to look at it all day.

Creating a platform for the Rack



With limited space, having shoes off the ground made more sense for me. Of course, my husband came to the rescue and quickly made me a platform

to accommodate my shoes and bags. You can do it too!

We cut boards to accommodate a lip of an inch and a half on the end.

We marked both sides of the pipe so that the boards would rest on the lip and go around the pipe.

Tom cut the circular cuts with a jigsaw and the ends were cut with a saw.


We decided to leave the wood removable so the rack would be lighter and easier to move around. We love the look and function of these Fab Finds!

Happy Friday!


-Always Artsy







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6 thoughts on “Fab Find Friday…Industrial Clothing Rack

  1. I love this!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Tamera:) I think its practical and looks pretty cool too!

  2. I love it. What a great idea!!

    1. ;0) thanks Janet!

  3. Wow, such a great idea, I would love to do this on my clothing rack. What a wonderful Idea to maximize the space.


    1. Thank you Joice:) I agree with you about maximizing space…the platform sure does. I also checked out your blog and signed up to follow. Thanks

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