Fab Find Friday-Iron Bed

Bringing it Back

Rusty metal with chipped paint, makes me jump up and down with joy! I especially go crazy when it’s an old bed frame that is in perfect condition and has its original bed springs. I was fortunate enough to have a friend give me a call about this beauty!  Fab Find Friday, is about finding something fabulous and sharing it with our followers. Many times, we bring these items in for our customers to purchase. This lovely iron bed, will be for sale at our store, Young and Company  this Saturday! I will be bringing it back to life, baby!

Over the course of 100 years or so, headboards and footboards get separated from the frame rails and springs. This reduces their value and makes them tricky to use as beds in your home. Not to worry, there are still some neat things you can do with them! Here are a few ideas I like for utilizing the headboard and footboard around your home.

Lovely Bench

Garden Bed

Ornate Gate

All three of these ideas, can be done at an affordable price and can add a great deal of charm to your home. Shop around local flea markets and antique stores to find the style you are looking for, and depending on how ornate, they generally run in the neighborhood of $100. Most beds that are found with a headboard, footboard, and springs are used for traditional beds or daybeds. If you did not have a chance to read my blog on daybeds, check it out!

Stop by the store on Saturday to see this Fab Find Friday, and just how I brought her back to life! We will post pics on Instagram @youngandcompany and @fortheartsytype do if your not following already, give us a follow today!

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4 thoughts on “Fab Find Friday-Iron Bed

  1. Such cute ideas!

  2. I love the gate idea and the bench idea.

  3. Looks great

  4. […] This bed was originally white, and I featured it in last weeks blog post Fab Find Friday- Iron Bed. […]

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