Fab Find Friday-A Nod to Hob Nail Milk Glass

Oh my! Did I find some cool lamps for the night stands beside our bed. Finding things with meaning is extra special when searching through old things at yard sales, estate sales, and thrift stores. These lamps belonged to a friend and that made this Fab Find Friday, extra special!

Here’s A Nod to Hob Nail Milk Glass Lamps from the past!

Last Saturday, while boating, we let a friend of ours know we were out on Lake Hernando which is part of the Tsala Apopka chain of lakes, where he owns a home. They were having an estate sale that day and he said “stop by and see if there’s anything you want”. This estate belonged to Bob Coleman, a St. Petersburg Fire Department friend, who sadly left this world over a year ago. Bob was a cool guy who collected alot of really neat things and had quite the collection of vintage wares. The best part, it belonged to him and that made it special.

We headed over to the estate sale by water and picked up a few things that really spoke to me. I am a firm believer that things speak to you when they are meant to go home with you. They call my name!  Jamie “you know you need me”! So, Just like that, I gathered my things and loaded them up on the boat with Tom and our dogs!

These lamps are from the 40’s and 50’s, and were called milk glass because of their milky white appearance. I snagged these in perfect condition for a whopping $3.00 each. Yippee! Lucky me! Yes, they spoke to me! Although, Matchy-Matchy is not my thing when it comes to home decor, these are sitting on our mismatched night stands. In my opinion, it would have been a bit busy to have different style lamps too! The night stands are almost identical in color, which is totally weird because I bought one in St. Pete and the other on our trip to Georgia. They spoke to me too,!  I LOVE anything in green chipped paint! Do you see a pattern here?

I decided to do something untraditional with these by adding clip-on lamp shades that are wire with Vintage Edison Style light bulbs. These are the Fab Finds I found on Amazon:

Hob Nail milk glass was very popular in the 1940’s and 50’s for more than just lamps.

Check out Pinterest for other Hob Nail Milk Glass items.

Green chipped painted is the best!

On a side note, the small pottery bowls we use for our jewelry, were bought at a festival in Inverness. High school students were selling them for a donation! Support local makers and future artists of the world, they add so much color to our world!

I like that these lamps are delicate and industrial at the same time.

The perfect glow!

Total Cost: $29.65 (lamps $6, shades $15.30, bulbs $8.35 with two extra bulbs)

Have an amazing weekend Artsy people!

-Always Artsy

Jamie Young









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4 thoughts on “Fab Find Friday-A Nod to Hob Nail Milk Glass

  1. I love milk glass! My Mother in law has lots of milk glass pieces, some of her own and some from her mother! The lamps are beautiful…and $3.00 each was a steal! 💕

    1. I love a steal too my dear:) It’s fun to take an old item and make it work for your home. Thanks for commenting Danielle!


    1. Well that is true, but we have done Mount Dora Festivals from our boat:)

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