Falling for You

I’m always in search of the best fall goodies to decorate and enjoy in my home. I absolutely LOVE to decorate with handmade items found at festivals and cool shops. I like to add creative wares to my collection every year! Downsizing means I have a much smaller space to decorate, and I might have to pass along a few items to my kids…EEEEK! ย Our first year at the cabin full-time in the fall means, less to clean, windows open…hopefully, pumpkin everything, and enjoying the “empty nester life” on the porch.

I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite “Fall Finds” from the makers in our shop, local businesses, and places you can purchase from to get on your … fall feel good!

I purchased this really cool Mason Jar warmer from my friend Heather Drummond who sells Scentsy.ย I literally screamed when I saw how HUGE and beautiful this Mason Jar warmer was…OMG! My scent for fall is definitely Pumpkin Roll. LOVE!

Hand lettered pumpkins, are simple and fun way to say ” I Love Pumpkin Everything”! Great for both fall and Thanksgiving tables made by the amazing @relax.jax.

Crocheted pumpkins made by the very talented Carissa Vanderford of CraftsbyCaris, and are exclusive to Young and Company!

Yummy Pumpkin Spice Latte bath bombs are smelling the shop up and bringing in some great people visiting our friends at Main Street Eatery! YESSSS!

Fall onesies and burpees make cute gifts for our little artsy babies too! All one of a kind!

While downtown be sure to check out House of Passageย where Ann provides the best seasonal shopping experience in the area! Carson and I love everything in her store and admire greatly, her sense of style. House of Passage is a must see when in Downtown Brooksville!

I will close by saying, Mountaineer Coffee has the best pumpkin pop tarts this time of year! Stop in and grab a coffee and a yummy pastry and take a look around! Our little town is growing and we are so excited about the energy of the old and new merging together to create a really cool vibe!

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10 thoughts on “Falling for You

  1. Its October???? holy cow… I hear tell of a metal art guy coming back into town when the weather gets cooler… hope he can catch up with you and provide some new things to perk the interest of the artsy types out there.

    1. I sure do wish that guy would make it back to town with that cool metal art:) I will keep my fingers crossed that it happens before the holidays!

  2. I love this time of year as well. My sister Jamie is so passionate about arts and crafts and i’m extremely lucky that she finds the neatest stuff for me and our family. I love you

    1. That’s sweet Kendra:) Love that you follow this every week:) xoxo

  3. Love the bench picture so cook

    1. Thanks Maria and Carson Young for the photo:)

  4. Oh I love fall! This is great!!

    1. Thanks Darby we love our coffee and the Mountaineer family:)

  5. Thank you so much for the lovely things you said about our shop, House of Passage. We feel the same way about Young & Co. You are the best Jamie!

    1. All true my friend:) Thank you for all the support and encouragement Ann.xoxo

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