Goal Digger

The year two thousand and eighteen is about setting goals and working my a** off to make sure they happen. Most people associate success with wealth, power, and position! Growing my DREAM, far out weighs the high you get from power and position, believe me! Being a GOAL Digger is no joke, but I have my list of goals and a clear plan of action.


Here’s the Plan

Goal 1 Be a Goal Digger

To be a “Goal Digger”, you have to develop a plan of action and be willing to put the time and energy into achieving it! With a year under our belts at Young & Company, we plan to increase sales from our previous year through calculated marketing, building on our online sales by adding more products and aggressively pursuing brand promotion. We have hired a weekend store keeper to assist us while we promote our brand and shop for talent. Selling our products to others for resale in retail stores locally and nationally, is the goal! Carson is already doing this with her brand, The Typewriter Movement.

Goal 2 Free to be Me Time

Self love is critical in creating a beautiful life for yourself! Balancing work, food, and exercise can be a challenge at times, but the benefit of “ Me Time” is priceless. After a year of hard work building a business, eating better, and exercising regularly, I am happy with my results. I have a daily routine that includes better food choices, exercise, and time for me to do the hobbies I enjoy. A great deal of my happiness comes from creating, designing, and helping others. This year I will continue to work on the physical me, create more, and help others share their talents.

Goal 3 Enjoy this beautiful life of MINE

Changing your professional path is a huge adjustment for anyone, especially when you have invested years of your life doing something.  In a sense, the money, relationships, years of hard work, and education define you. Choosing to do something different has been crazy fun, scary, and very rewarding all at the same time. I am more aware than ever that life is short, money doesn’t bring happiness, and new relationships replace the ones you lose. Relationship goals for 2018, coffee on the porch with my favorite guy, weekend fun on the bike, time with my adult children, and day trips with the girls!

-Always Artsy






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16 thoughts on “Goal Digger

  1. Fabulous! Be the gift to the world! Such a great concept! Goal digger you!

    1. Thank you Amy:) You are a great example of a goal driven woman. I respect your work ethic tremendously and your compassion for others:)

  2. Love this! I set some goals this year too! I have let the frind run my life! No thanks! Trying to fix that! Trying to get back to a healthy and happy me! 2017 was miserable!

    So excited for what you have planned! Love you!

    And the one girl on the right, Yahnni, was one of my basketball players! Love her!

    1. Great things on the horizon for you my friend! I want nothing but the best for you. Please make sure you do a blog on the transformation of your reading room for us to enjoy:) Love you too!

  3. Full steam ahead momma! .im digging your goals….hope to have A few preflight breakfast encounters this year with you…..
    Just saying…….inside joke ?

    1. How did I get so lucky:) xoxo

  4. YOUr blog is just what i needed to read. I am getting ready to make a huge change in my life!! it is time to be a happy and HEALTHIER woman.
    You are an inspiration and i love your WORDS of wisdom.

    1. Cindy thank you for the kind words:) You deserve nothing but the best! Change is good.. it keeps you young!

  5. You are amazing and can and will do anything you set your mind to! So happy to see you happy ?

    1. Thank you Lisa:) Xoxo


    1. Yes Maria is always there when I think about moving forward with all of this! What a great example to us all! Eep it up Janet and you will reach your goals.. I believe in adjustments along the way too!

  7. Love this!!

    1. Thank you Lee:)

  8. I admire your courage and strength to chase your dreams & simplify your life in so many ways. Setting goals + being in control = wealth of your soul! Hugs & best wishes for gontinued success in capturing your dreams : )

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