Handmade Summer Must-Haves

Handmade items are my favorite go to for living a beautiful life. I thought I would show you a few items on my list of  Handmade Summer Must-Haves. As a maker myself, I enjoy supporting others who create beautiful items for consumers to enjoy. There is just something special about the process of how people develop an idea in their heads and make it come to life using their own two hands! Etsy is a great way to find unique items for you and/or home, made by artists and makers from around the world.

 Jamie’s Handmade Summer Must-Haves


One of my favorites right now is this amazing leather Vagabond Bag. When I say favorites, that means, it’s on a list of items that I have saved on my ETSY account to come back to later. What I really enjoy about this bag is it looks vintage. After a few travels with me, this baby would be roughed up and perfect! This is a HUGE bag and would be great for either ladies or gents. If you are traveling this summer, think about buying a bag that will last you a lifetime and will always be in style.

Tom-Tom if you are reading this… it’s on my list!

I am obsessed with scarves as many of you know! This owl scarf made by Shovava is just one of those items that makes me smile! The scarf is handmade of organic materials, quite unique, and very stylish. Spread your wings a bit and add something unique to your collection today.

Linen is always a favorite go to for me! I love the way it looks ironed and even a bit wrinkled! This loose fitting linen dress made by not PERFECT LINEN, has been on my favorites list for a few months.  I just need to go get the thing! Living a beautiful and  simple life is about comfort, freedom, and versatility. Now more than ever, I want to have good quality items that are comfortable and make me happy.

Natural Glams, Raw Crystal cuff bracelet is such a beauty!  Cuffs are all the rage right now, and can be dressed up or worn with a pair of ripped up boyfriend jeans. Talk about Unique, no doubt they will be the topic of conversation whenever you wear them.

As a child, my Dad always called me his beatnik child…laughing! For those unfamiliar with the term, it’s a person whose behavior, views, and often style of dress are not conventional. When I was young, my parents were always on the move, traveling.  My sisters and I, enjoyed waiting to see them and the fun t-shirts they would bring back for us. Without fail, mine would be a peace sign, tie dyed, or have a hippie saying on it. That’s probably where my love for tie dyed things originated. Well we did live in California during the 70’s… so you really never know🙂 Stop by our store, Young and Company, in Brooksville or click over to JY Tie Dye on fortheartsytype.com, for good quality clothing and wares that have been tie dyed by me. On a side note,  I did make that pretty girl in my tie dyed shirt above!  She is amazing, if I don’t say so myself!

Hand Made Must-Haves…what are yours?

Happy Weekend to you!

-Always Artsy

Jamie Young

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10 thoughts on “Handmade Summer Must-Haves

  1. You are so right! Handmade things help make a more beautiful life. Love the hint to Tom-Tom!

    1. Tom knows about my lists and is pretty good at looking at my eBay account to see what I have been looking at too!

  2. The minute I saw the bracelet I fell in love with it. Beautiful items!

    1. The exact same thing for me…Love!

  3. Love the scarf & bracelet, ah-mazing!!!

    1. I agree Darlinda! Can’t wait till fall rolls around so we can share some of your amazing cowls and blankets❤️

  4. THE INFAMOUS ETSY LIST (aka gifts for Jamie)

    1. You like that Tom-Tom:) Thank you for reading my blogs and being so supportive xoxo!

  5. Hello, i like the way you post on your blog”    

    1. Thank you very much:)

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