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Last year, we did not have our usual Holy Jolly Holiday season because of the sale of our home. Tom and I were not able to decorate our home the way we like to for our family, and that completely changed my mood!  Let’s just say, we both enjoy the major production it takes to decorate for the holidays! The process of making our home look beautiful, is something that has always made us happy. We set up a tiny tree because everything was packed up for our move…frowning! Even though Christmas has changed with our children becoming adults, so much remains the same…sniffle. We share so much love and we are so blessed to share this life together! We love this time in our life, watching them grow and change, and we are so happy to be present for it! This year, we will be back to normal and we are looking forward to getting ready for the holidays in the cabin.

Here are a few tips to help you have a Holly Jolly Holiday season shopping for the beautiful people in your lives.

Align Expectations 

Hold a family meeting to talk about realistic expectations for the holiday season and consider alternatives to buying for everyone. Our family decided to set a dollar amount and create a list of things we each would like to have within that amount. I created a Holiday wish list that was given out the first week of November. On Thanksgiving, we picked a name and read the lists out loud as a group. I added some funny questions to make this activity fun for the group. We all went off on our own to shop for just one person, with a set spending amount, and a list! This proved to be an easy way to avoid stressing about spending too much and running around like a crazy person trying to buy for everyone. I love this wish list from a little bright blog.

Make a List …and check it twice!!!

 Whether you choose to create a list for your family or download an app to keep track, go with a list. Much of what we do during this season is buy things that are in front of us and not necessarily things we set out to buy. Make a list of people and items you need to pick up prior to going to the store. Impulse buying drives up the amount of money spent and often leaves you without the gift you really wanted to purchase. Make a list…and check it twice, before heading out for your holiday shopping. I think the Santa’s Bag App is a great way to budget and keep track of your purchases.

Start Early

Shopping early during the holiday season is the key to a more enjoyable shopping experience. I admire people who buy prior to season and can keep the goods hidden and out of the way, so they don’t get caught up in the hype. For me, this is a challenge because I like the feeling of Christmas when shopping. I usually go out a few times after Thanksgiving to get that feeling! Then ultimately buying online or shopping local for all my Christmas gifts. Remember you can shop Young & Company online at fortheartsytype.com.

Avoid the Busy Shopping Days

One thing I cannot handle during the holidays are crazy lines at the checkout because I waited too long to shop! I recommend, shopping during the week to avoid long lines and the weekend shopping craze. A couple of nights during the week, after work, can reduce the lines and save you tons of time.

Small Business Saturday

Shop Small 2017 is all about investing in your community and celebrating the unique small businesses that make it special. Shopping local not only supports business owners who live in your community, it encourages more entrepreneurs to invest in your community. Celebrate the cool shops and restaurants in your community and contribute to growing something special. Plus the coolest stuff is not mass produced, just saying! Learn more about Shop Small Saturday here.

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6 thoughts on “Holly Jolly Holiday Tips

  1. Shop local! Bring the creative shopping back into your life… “go to the large retailers for crappy produce and tube socks…”
    resist the trap of blah blah run to the store buy run home…. you owe it to yourself to enjoy the shopping experience not dread it…
    trust me it will be worth it… kind of like me when I get some time to wander through a fish and tackle store….
    Happy Holidays…….

    1. I sure like the way you think Tom:) It is worth it to shop local and support your local Main Street business!

  2. Great tips. I too do not like long lines. Shopping this year I’m making simple and very easy.

    1. Good for you Janet, that makes two of us!

  3. Nice app!!thanks for sharing!! Great post about the holidays too they are just around the corner!

    1. The app is pretty cool for sure:) Fast approaching so enjoy the calm.

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