Hostess with the Mostest

Yes! You need to bring a gift when invited to a party!

Whether you’re going to a party or staying the night with friends, you should always show your appreciation with a little something. As a kind gesture for the host, a nice bottle of wine, a candle, or a seasonal plant. Crafty gifts or handmade goodies will do the trick too! It doesn’t have to be expensive, but I say “an artsy gift” is always the best!

It is still fashionable to bring a gift to the hostess that invited you to their party…especially if you want to be invited back! LOL

Hostess etiquette is not a thing of the past, but something that is taught and modeled for your children. If you do not teach and show the youngins, as adults, they will not show their appreciation during the occasional party or weekend with friends.

Try to pick up items throughout the year specifically for this occasion. Remember that the size or price of the gift is not what’s important here. What you need to focus on is what the hostess will enjoy! Here are a few ideas from the shop that make great hostess gifts.

Families with Kids

A glass with a crochet cozy for Santa’s milk, handmade by Crafts by Caris

A gift for after the Party

Tea cakes for exfoliating and moisturizing from Black Kettle Soap Company.

This year, I decided to make my hostess gifts from cool stuff we sell in the store, spreading my love for all things artsy. The “hostess with the mostest” deserves a little something special… well mine do!

Take a shot at it!

A little shot of an adult beverage for after the party, and in a festive shot glass.

Hand painted glasses by DeLaManor Artistry are fun and festive for the couple who has everything!

Some people enjoy their drinks served in old school collectable mugs. Add a little single serve alcohol for added fun.

Handmade Goodies

Yummy treats in cool jars are always a big hit! This one is for someone I know that LOVES typewriters! A little vinyl decal from our shop, added that special personal touch. Relax.jax

Or give them one of these, because they are…

-Always Artsy


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1 thought on “Hostess with the Mostest

  1. Don’t get me started on those arriving with sweet nothings which typically goes along with laying down or finding a place to chill when it’s clean up time after party. Then somehow leaving with more than they came with…
    Anyways party’s and get togethers are fun, maybe this blog however will strike a cord with the empty handed.
    (Take a lesson from your mommas out there)

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