Sleighing it!

Sleighing it

Many years ago, seems like a lifetime actually, I was fortunate enough to work with a brilliant leader by the name of, Maria Rybka. Many of you who follow my blog, know how amazing she is as a person. You may also know, what a great educator and school leader she was before finding her true passion, Simply More Plants. If you were fortunate enough to have worked with her, you know how much she encouraged others to be the best version of themselves. Although we only worked together for a year, we have remained great friends and her support over the years has been priceless. Maria always encouraged me to run with my ideas, push myself, and think bigger. Great leaders do that! With a great deal of confidence, I can say that “I am sleighing it, in part by her believing in me, pushing me to think differently, and helping me see that” there is a whole world out here waiting for my Artsy Self”.


Sleighing it means taking it to the max and being amazing at it!

When setting up for the holidays, I decided to combine a vintage vibe with a modern twist and create, hand dyed sheets to  sell on the website and in the store. These are being sold as part of my Artsy Society brand of Home Goods. These sheet sets have been a huge hit with our customers!

Why be ordinary during the holidays? Purchase a pair of Tie Dye Sheets for your home by clicking here!

This bed was originally white, and I featured it in last weeks blog post Fab Find Friday- Iron Bed.

When Maria saw on my Instagram post that I painted red, she said “Only you could pull off a red sleigh bed in the middle of your store“. I giggled knowing, I sleighed it!

-Always Artsy





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10 thoughts on “Sleighing it!

  1. Thanksgiving and Christmas are bearing down on us all….. ready or not here it comes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    visiting the shop may just be what a person needs to get their shopping fix in… I may need to grab a few of those gift cards for friends….

    1. Tom you are such a great supporter! I love you!

  2. I too Jamie need to say a big Thank You to Maria Rybka for also pushing me and saying you can do this. However I have to say it did take me a little time to really get into blogging. But I do love writing.
    Great Blog.

    1. Thanks Janet and you are doing awesome at your blog! I am so happy you are spreading the word about healthy living my friend!

  3. That gold mirror as a tray is sleighing it! ❤️

    1. From one sleigher to another… Thank you!

  4. Maria was the principal who helped me to move from a substitute teacher to working full-time for the schools. I was so blessed that she was the leader of Chocachatti when my children were there and even more blessed to call her my friend today. She always has a positive word for people and makes them see the best in themselves when they can’t see it themselves. Awesome blog!

    1. Thank you for the love about my blog! Lucky us to call her a friend Kathy:)

  5. I will always admire how you are able to take an idea and turn it into a style! Outstanding!!

    1. Thanks Teresa:)

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