Sucker for Succulents

Several years ago, I wanted a little plant for my office, something cute, but that wouldn’t need too much attention. My modern, white, office space needed something green and small. Succulents kinda fit the bill, and I set out to find one for a cute china cup I had laying around the house.

After two years of traveling around with her, I am a sucker for succulents!


Last week the rain was relentless so I decided to transplant my girl from the china cup and place it in the vintage containers Carson bought for me a few months ago. I spoke about these containers in my Fab Find Friday Blog on Vintage Locker Baskets. Old containers bring a unique look to your home and with very little cash, you can add character and style to your home, Kinda of an Artsy thing! After a quick trip to Lowe’s for a bag of potting soil, specifically for indoor plants and a variety of small to medium size succulents, I was ready to get to work.

Carson brought this cute creamer cup home for me too!

I love that my kids think of me when they see unique things!

This cow creamer was meant for me and when I saw it,

I knew exactly what I was going to do with it! Again, I say “I am a sucker for succulents”!

The porch at Cabin La Luna, is perfect on rainy days!

Their is nothing like rain on a tin roof and a little Frank Sinatra in the back ground. I love me some Ol’ Blue Eyes, yes I do!

These containers are probably from the 1940’s and came in a set of three for sugar, coffee, or tea.

In the picture above, you can see the succulent I transplanted into the large container along with several new ones.

Lowe’s has a great variety of succulents to choose from with a large selection of already potted succulents too! The lady bug coffee cup, I had for years and plan to give to my sister, Kendra, to enjoy in  her new apartment. Old or new containers work great for succulents. Direct sunlight and the need for very little water, make these…easy keepers! Yippee!

The two that I planted above, were placed in an old pyrex dish. Rarely do I plant things in Pyrex because I love to use them! Unfortunately, this blue one was very faded, so I decided to use it for these two twins! I Love how  all of these succulents turned out!

I would love to see what you have done with succulents! Send me an email and I will feature a few in an upcoming Artsy Blog post!

Don’t miss our Blog next Friday, we hit 6 months in business and want to celebrate! We will being giving away a prize to one of our readers. Don’t worry, we will remind you to check it out!

-Always Artsy

Jamie Young

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6 thoughts on “Sucker for Succulents

  1. AWESOME!!! as long as you didn’t buy these from Lowes they should be fine….

    1. 🙂

  2. Love your pictures!

    1. Thanks Maria!

  3. I think it is awesome how you find a planter out of the ordinary for your succulents. That is a great creative gift. I’m a little short on that but keep on learning.

    1. I think they would make great hostess gifts too! Holidays are coming up pretty quick.

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